Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Washing the Dishes

Do you find the chore of washing the dishes such a bore? Well, when I was growing up, my mother would give us house assignments which include washing the dishes on weekends. She didn't assign this task on weekdays. Weekdays were for studying and doing homework. But come Saturday and Sunday, we would alternate in washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen sinks even if we had a helper to actually to do the job.

She demonstrated to me the proper way of washing the dishes that made me feel as if it wasn't a chore at all (I honestly still enjoy it up to now). She explained to me the logic of pre-preparation before doing the task itself. This means the before tackling the dishes, you need to ask "pre-prepare" the dishes by rinsing them very well. The dishes have to be more or less look clean enough to use again. This makes washing and soaping the dishes much easier. You also need to group together all those needed to be washed, glasses first, then cutlery next, plates follow, and so on and so forth. The order that you put in washing the dishes will cut the time in doing the dishes significantly. After washing and rinsing the dishes, never forget that part of the chore is rinsing the sink and thoroughly cleaning the strainer or drain. After all that, you dry the dishes and store them (by groups again) where they all belong.

Whew! It seems like a long process but if you have a positive attitude, the job is finished in no time.

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