Monday, December 21, 2009

UP Friends - Christmas Party 2009

Our home was the venue for this year's annual Christmas Party get-together amongst my UP barkada and their families (or significant other).

We had it potluck style tapos I prepared some simple fun games and a raffle to keep us all in the mood for Christmas.

This year's hosts - V & T (uy... mukhang payat!)
Tanay couple - Baba and Gra
Crazy folks :-) Borj and Che
May 1 lovebirds - Emer and Ruby
Secretive Lala (na may date afterwards but won't divulge the details)
Zoe with Tito Eumir
Xmas foodies!
Raffle prizes c/o everyone
Christmas Charades - Che (trying to decribe Santa Claus)
Christmas Charades - Gra (trying to act out poinsettia) - cute!
Christmas Carol Relay (the boys won!)
Bring office ID! :-)


Group pic

Hope to see you guys again soon! Merry Christmas!

*pics from Gracia's multiply site

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