Monday, March 24, 2008

Shoe Solution

I admit that I've grown quite attached to my shoes...even to my shoe boxes. Imagine, we went to Singapore last year and bought several pairs of shoes. Even though it would such a pain to bring home the boxes --- I did! I carefully dismantled each one and folded them so that they could fit in the luggage.

Anyway, this week, I said NO MORE to my shoe boxes and opted to transfer most of my shoes in plastic shoe containers which I bought from Ace Hardware at 50 bucks each. It's a good buy and a good-bye (to my dusty old shoe boxes)!!!

Good thing about these plastic shoe containers, I can still see what's inside. The cover isn't air-tight so it gives the chance for the shoes to air out after a day's use. I just added a silica beanie bag inside each container to prevent the shoe from getting discolored from the humidity. Plus, the container's big and wide enough to fit the shoes in ordinary position (meaning the shoes aren't positioned sideways or what-not. Plus 10 pieces of these containers fit exactly at the bottom of my closet! One negative thing lang, my Crocs don't fit...too big!

Anyway, I still love it!

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