Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Do You Really Want? be organized, that is.

I have been asking myself that question for some days now. And my answer has always been yes. However, my life is so jam-packed now. Time and energy is so limited. Plus work has been very stressful that even adrenaline rush isn't enough to keep me moving.

I want to have control over the house and my stuffs but sadly, the reality of life sets in and I am not able to do everything I want all at the same time.

But at least, I already made a decision to live ORDER. It is up to me to live it in the big and small things in my life. With that and until there's a significant change in the way things are, I'll hold on to my decision.

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shopaholictiestheknot said...

AMEN! i would love to be organized in everything. my files, kitchen stuff, closets, bathroom, etc. pati office. but the demands of daily life throws everything into chaos. hahaha!

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