Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tip of the Week: Pictures

Here are some tips I got from organizing my digital and developed pictures last week:

1. LABEL, LABEL, LABEL - Don't you just regret it when you realize that you are looking at a picture and don't know when this was shot or where the place it was shot was? My own childhood pics were not labelled and I wanted so much to know the time and place of my pics. So moms out there, please make this a habit. It's so easy to write "Zoe at 10 1/2 months, Greenbelt, Makati". Your kids will be so grateful you did.

2. Buy lots of photo albums - When you finally get enough money to develop your digital pictures, you sometime don't have available albums to use! So keep your pictures safe, put them inside acid-free photo albums. I would buy lots and lots of those brown Family Heritage-types from Kodak developing stores. Not only were they durable but having similar items also looks good on the shelf. Having too many kinds of albums of all different shapes and sizes on the shelves can be such an eye-sore.

3. Learn a new program such as Picasa or Adobe Photoshop. This would greatly help in putting a little creativity in your photos. I've tried to learn these when I was preparing for my daughter's first birthday. Because of this, I was able to come up with DIY tarpaulin and invitations. I just wish I had more time to develop my skills on digital scrapbooking and more money to buy scrapbooking digital packs.

To end, here's a sample of labeling through Photoshop: ^_^

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Jona said...

hi! i added you already in my big circle :)
cute girl you have :D

shopaholictiestheknot said...

same wavelength tayo ah. i've been thinking of printing my backlog of pics but it would cost me an arm and a leg. then i have to buy albums too. the longer nakakalat kse ang pics, all the more i'll forget the details.

Vina said...

hi jona. i'll link you up in my main blog -- http://vinapineda.blogspot.com

hi pat! korek, ang mahal magpadevelop no? tiring pati to organize pictures. the last time i made a major overhaul was when i was on maternity leave pa. talagang it takes time kasi. :-)

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