Sunday, June 15, 2008

Getting Out of the Rabbit Hole

I admit that I've felt pretty pessimistic for the last couple of days. It's bad because even my husband could sense my worried feeling (maybe because of my glum face). May and June had been so financially-toxic since our birthdays (plus my Dad's wedding) fell on these months. Now, I'm feeling broke and in a rabbit hole once again.

Not only that, I've been having a hard time managing our household. F has been so 'tigas-ulo' lately and then our househelp has also been testing my patience (chicken with ginata is DIFFERENT from chicken adobo!!). On top of that, one of our cars broke down without any warning and we had to shell out precious money for the mechanic and car parts. Whew! It's been tough.

Anyway, my husband and I talked about it last night. We decided that we ain't gonna add more burden to our situation by complaining. How positive my husband is! Sometimes, I wonder how come my faith is so weak compared to his. Because come to think of it, we've hurdled bigger problems before (i.e. my mom's huge huge hospital and burial expense, my MIL's hospitalization) and much much more! Somehow, thank God we got through all of it.

As part of my thrift plan, I've done the following:

1. Made a grocery list.
2. Made a weekly menu and brought this to the market.
3. Summarized my outstanding credit card balances
4. Stayed at home the whole weekend (except for a trip to the grocery)!
5. Unplugged all appliances when not in use especially during the night.
6. Took advantage of bonus packs in the grocery.
7. Placed F and R's school allowance in envelopes and in exact amounts.
8. Prepared merienda from what's available in the pantry instead of calling 911-1111.
9. Bought Zoe's supplies in bulk.
10. Withdrew just enough money for the day or for the week.
11. SMILE even when the going gets tough.

Hopefully by next month, all of these efforts will make a difference.

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