Sunday, July 27, 2008

Been Down and Out...

Sorry if I've not posted for quite a while in this blog. I've been down with a flu for the past few days plus, I've been meaning to blog about our vegetable-filled menu for the past week thanks to my husband who got us loads of vegetables from his recent trip to Baguio. However, sad to say, I haven't got any pics to show since my dear camera got lost in Australia when my sister used it during the World Youth Day in Sydney. Anyway, I hope to at least borrow my husband's cam so I can blog with more pictures. Meantime, I've been canvassing on the best camera and the best way to get it. You see, I plan to just buy online as I did before (thru Amazon) but I'm still thinking on whom to 'pester' to send it to Manila from the States. LOL.

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