Tuesday, July 15, 2008

On Driving

Since I have been talking about buying a car lately, let me share some of my thoughts on driving...

Well, I've been driving ever since I turned 18 years old. I remember that it was my friend Chan who first taught me how to drive. You see, she would drive her own car from Makati to Diliman where she also goes to school. Anyway, one day, we took her old Lancer for a ride inside Loyola Heights Subdivision. First, she taught me how to start the car engine and then she showed me how the pedals, steering wheel and clutch work. Then I learned how to move the car forward and backward. After this, we were on the road already! We had a super exciting time! I was screaming and scared at first but when I got around learning how to maneuver the car, the feeling was wonderful.

At present, I still get to drive once in a while but not as often as before. Some four or five years back, I got into a small accident where I bumped another car on my way to a parking lot of a mall. Good thing the car insurance company paid for it. But ever since that experience, you would rarely see me driving. Maybe it's because I had gotten phobic of bumping another car again. How I wish I could gather again the courage to drive my car to work more regularly just like before.

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