Friday, July 18, 2008

Planning Is Key

As I have learned in business, planning is one of the major functions that a manager should know about. Without proper planning, things will be in chaos. I learned that lesson lately, from my being the manager of the family budget, that is.

I'm just glad that our financial woes are more or less over. Somehow, we have managed to surpass our difficulties. But of course, the problems don't end just yet because we still have several obligations that are still due. We still have a payday loan and some credit card dues. But I guess everything is already manageable compared to last month.

Anyway, I also think part of planning is making lists. For example, it would be good to be listing all our regular monthly financial obligations so that we won't end up surprised and unprepared for the things we need to pay for. And in case we don't measure up to our obligations, it's good to know about other alternatives we can take. I think we just underwent a period of adjustment last month since we had to take on the other expenses which my Dad would shoulder before. In short, I guess I wasn't ready for the change and was caught off-guard that's why we had such a hard time.

Writing about this makes me feel so much better now. I'm feeling more positive now and that's good for starters.

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