Monday, July 14, 2008

Thank God It's Payday!

I just received a text from my husband today which says "Thank God it's payday". Well, what do you know, another two weeks had just passed since the last payday and thank you to God, we survived it! Just to give you an idea, June and July were like financial hell months for us. I really should blame only myself for not saving in the past. Anyway, good thing my husband can now settle his recent payday loans today. Yipee!

Seriously, I think being parents is no joke these days. Day in and day out, we are being swarmed by financial obligations. There are just so many bills to pay. Just today, I checked my online payroll account and began to pay for my credit card bills, phone bill, insurance premiums, water bill, electric bill, etc. etc. And in a matter of minutes, most of my salary is gone! It's such as sad state. And to think we still need to set aside money for groceries, marketing expense, baby's vaccine expenses, the salaries of our helpers, and for the school allowance for the boys in the house. Sometimes, I really think that as a short-term solution, it's best to get an easy cash advance to be able to bridge our funds. Lucky for us, it's readily available anytime.

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