Monday, July 14, 2008

Wish for the Family

If I were to be given lots of money and be allowed to buy things as I wish, one of first things that I would probably buy is a bigger car for the family. In fact, my husband and I are really planning to get a bigger car. It is because Zoe is already getting bigger by the day and we also want to have another baby soon. This means that we might not be able to fit anymore in the cars which we have now. Just imagine, if we already have two babies, we would be loading two strollers, two baby bags, two yayas and two babies plus my husband and myself!

Actually, this plan has been long running. I would often find my husband always buying car magazines, eyeing the cars at the car sale near our house and even checking out the new car models in the dealer's store when he goes to have a change oil for his Toyota. In addition, since I often get email messages at work about our bank repossessed cars which can be bought at very low prices, I always make it a point to forward these lists to my husband. In turn, he emails me back to tell me how he would like to buy this and that. Although I wish it could happen soon, I told him to we may still have to put off our plans first until we are able to sell our two smaller cars (to get money to serve as our equity) and then we can avail of a used car loan. I think we need to be convinced first that we need to give up the two other cars to purchase a new one to fit our current needs.

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