Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fire Prevention Tips

Last Sunday, on our way home from a last-minute grocery trip, we encountered really bad traffic even as we were just exiting the parking lot of the mall. The cars were barely moving and we couldn't immediately make a decent detour somewhere else. After being stuck in there for a good ten minutes or so, we asked the people passing by what the commotion and traffic was all about. And so we found out that a fire broke out in one of the establishments and residences just along the highway, very near the mall.

Because of this, we decided to squeeze our way into a detour using the road going around the mall. We were lucky enough to find a hidden exit at the back of the mall. Normally, it would only take us 5 minutes or so to get home but in this particularly case, and we were able to arrive home after 25-30 minutes. We learned later on the traffic was really bad for those who didn't make a U-turn because we saw in the news how the cars were jammed along the road since the fire that broke out was a huge fire involving a construction supply store that had a home on the second floor. We also found out that due to an accident, a fireman fell off the roof and did not make it to the hospital.

My husband and I were talking about this fire incident and I told him the possibility of us getting a Home Insurance. I think it is wise to invest on such because you really can not be so secured at times for accidents and fires can really happen even to the kindest and wealthiest people. My husband agrees and thinks that we should start looking for insurance quotes online to facilitate our search for a good insurance provider.

Anyway, I also thought I could share some fire prevention tips which I learned from the people who oriented us during our building's fire drill:

1. Never keep candles or gas lamps unattended.
2. Keep children away from flammable things.
3. Do not overload your electric sockets.
4. Always check your stoves and gas tank for leaks.
5. Be sure to always unplug your appliances when not in use.
6. Always have a fire plan. Tell your family on what to do in case of fire.
7. Install only quality electrical wires.
8. Invest on a good fire extinguisher.

Stay safe everyone!

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