Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Good Night's Sleep

Ever since I got pregnant and gave birth, I never seemed to experience having a really restful sleep without any interruption. I always have to wake up every now and then to check on the baby who is many times co-sleeping with us on our Mattress. With this kind of arrangement, I often wake up feeling battered, having been kicked and hit by the baby who keeps on tossing and turning.
Anyway, here are some tips I gathered on how to obtain a good night's sleep:

1. Make sure that your bed is large enough so that there is still room to stretch and turn comfortably in bed. If you feel cramped, consider getting a larger bed to get that adequate space you need.
2. If you always wake up with a cramped neck or a backache, try experimenting with different kinds of Mattresses and pillows. Try out which type provides you more support. If your Mattress is too hard, you add a foam topper for additional softness or you can check out softer mattresses available in the market.
3. Keep the noise level down in the bedroom.
4. Maintain good room temperature and ventilation.
5. Use the bed only for sleeping.

Happy sleeping!

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