Monday, September 8, 2008

Love Those Beautiful Things

When I assess my character, one of my obvious traits would be my love for the arts, for soothing, pleasing and beautiful things and love for music. I am admittedly very tactile and I enjoy touching and seeing beautiful sights and things. For example, I also find interest in calming music, dainty art and fancy food presentations. A good meal with fine wine, that's my idea of a great dinner date.

It is because of this trait that I want to always put a touch of class in our home. It need not be very costly. It just needs to be pleasant-looking but still functional. I may love the stuff in Ikea, but ultimately, if given the budget, I still prefer classic pieces of furniture for our home. If only I had a good sum of money, I would probably invest on antique furniture. For the bathroom, I think I would want to have those beautiful Copper Sinks that I recently saw online. There's this Copper Sink that I truly adore and would want to install on our main bathroom. And for the kitchen, wouldn't it be great to have matching Copper Kitchen Sinks? This would be a fantastic complement to our copper-shaded granite table tops on the kitchen counter.

Ain't all of these the reflection of the good life in all its guises?

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