Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Paying It Forward

I learned about the value of being generous early on in my life. First and foremost, I owe it mostly to my dear parents for showing me a good example of how to be detached from material things and learn how to give (even if it hurts) just to help out someone in need.

You see, not all of our relatives have a good standing in life. Many of them, especially those in the countryside, rely much on their other family members who have jobs in the metro, in order to live by. But being not-so-well-off does not mean that they are not hardworking and good people. In fact, they are hardworking and good. Maybe it's just that God destined them to be in that class and status in life.

Anyway, rich or poor, I've always believed everybody has the capacity to help others. It's more of a gift, really. This means that whatever status in society you are currently in, every one is given a chance by God to be able to exercise that gift of charity. The rich may be able to give more in terms of money or in kind while the poor can only give a little. For the poor, on the other hand, they are still able to help by offering something still very important and valuable such as their time, their concern, or their assistance.

In spiritual terms, the value of what you give can be measured according to the sacrifice you make to give that something for the others. So if someone if knocking on your door for help, don't just think of giving their money. Maybe they need more than that. Maybe they need your empathy and a listening ear.

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