Monday, September 15, 2008

Tagaytay Adventure Part 4

On Sunday, Sept. 7, 2008, we woke up to a great morning. The weather was perfect and Zoe loved the view outside.

We watched some TV first before we went down for breakfast.

After a quick breakfast, we headed to the nearby Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church to attend Sunday mass. After the mass, we had an early check out at the hotel and decided to pass by People's Park before going home.

We left the car at the parking lot below the People's Park and hopped on a jeepney for rent to get to the top. It was Zoe's first jeepney ride ever so I just had to take her pic. :-)

A view from the top!

I was surprised to find souvenir items for sale inside the ruins of old Palace in the Sky coz I haven't really been back there for the longest time.

Of course, this whole trip wouldn't really be complete without passing by the replica of the statue of Our Lady, Mother of Fair Love. Besides, it was going to be her birthday the next day (Sept. 8) so praying before her statue was so apt.

My first real encounter with Our Lady of Fair Love was during my trip to Spain many years ago. The original statue is in the campus of the University of Navarre in Pamplona, Spain. I still remember praying for her intercession to grant me a good and faithful (and gwapo!) husband. And then I heard about this place in Tagaytay. My friends and I would make pilgrimages here (asking again for a boyfriend pa rin!). Haha. Now, I'm finally back (with my husband and baby). I'm forever grateful to our Lady for leading my husband to me and vise versa. :-)

After that, we all headed back home. Had a short stop-over at Rowena's for their tarts and then to Paseo de Santa Rosa again for lunch in Jollibee.

We were back home by 2:00 pm. :-) It was a great, great vacation!

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Pat said...

zoe looks so well behaved in the pics. buti pa sya. hehehe... me naman, i used to say novenas to st. therese of the child jesus for a bf tapos good husband naman. :)

Vina said...

hi pat! looks can be deceiving! zoe is your typical toddler -- a riot to be with! my back really ached during the whole trip -- from carrying and chasing her. :-)

re st. therese, i also pray to her and oftentimes, i ask for white roses as a sign. she gives it talaga and my favors are always granted. :-)

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