Friday, September 12, 2008

Seeking Greener Pastures

One of Zoe's godfather is my husband's good childhood friend. Back when he was in Manila, he used to work for the government in some construction projects. He migrated a few years back and is now already based in New Jersey and working as a medical assistant in a hospital. His mother also used to work as a medical assistant in that same hospital and our friend was lucky enough to be employed there too. I heard that when he first arrived in the United States, he learned that he had to take up some online courses first. He chanced upon some medical assistant schools and decided to enroll in order to get accepted in a good job at the hospital.

Anyway, the latest news we've heard about our friend is that he also found love online. He recently got hitched to a nurse who is based in the Middle East. Since they had decided to tie the knot and live together, they now have plans to move to Canada and start their family there.

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