Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Books, Books and More Books - Tag by Jenny

I received this interesting tag from Jenny eons ago. I only got to find a pic of Zoe's books the other day. :-) Thanks Jenny!

Do you read books to your child? Yes, but Zoe is still so distracted that she likes to flip the pages even before I finish.
Does your child like to read books? Yes, and eat them too!
Do you like to buy new books or is second-hand ok? I have a mix of new books and second-hand books. Having an elective on Children's Lit in college sparked an interest in me to start collecting even way before I got a boyfriend!! :-) I remember even getting autographs from children's book illustrators Jose Aruego and Joanne de Leon --- and it was heaven! :-)
Post a picture of your child's bookshelf if you have one.
Drop a line in this blog if you receive this tag and do it.

Zoe currently doesn't own a bookshelf yet (but will have one built for her soon) so all her books goes into this movable plastic container.

Here are my favorite picks for Zoe:

1) The Chick and the Duckling (pictures by Jose and Ariane Aruego)

2) Where the Wild Things Are - my all-time favorite by Maurice Sendak

3) The Cat in the Hat - simply the best (enuf said)

4) Zara Zebra's Busy Day - I love this since it features Zoe's real name which is Zara

Show me your bookshelves / books: Pat, Dyes and Toni!

3 shared their thoughts:

Dyes said...

thanks for the tag and the greeting. will shoot Jadon's space in our bookshelf :)

Vina said...

you're welcome dyes!

Anonymous said...

You should check out Bayard and their series of StoryBoxBooks, AdventureBoxBooks and DiscoveryBoxBooks. There's lots going on too:
This Month Storybox has guest illustrator Helen Oxenbury fetured.
There's a Readathon happening in UK and Ireland -
There's a Ghost Drawing competition in AdventureBoxBooks assiciated with the Polka Theatre (

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