Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bathroom Happy

Are you happy with the way your bathroom looks? Or is going inside the bathroom in your house make you feel down?

Our house is a made up of two buildings, if you can call it that. We have the main house, a 3-bedroom home, where my family stays. Each bedroom has an adjacent bathroom. We also have a smaller house at the back, an annex of sorts, which is actually a house in itself. It has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. It is where our helper, her son and the nanny stay. So all in all (let me count), we have a total of 4 bathrooms in the house and I think that's a lot!

When we had these bathrooms installed, we had to go to various home depot shops to canvass for the best bathroom furnishings available. Since those furniture and fixtures were not part of the contractor's price, we opted to delay buying those vanity products until towards the end of the house construction because we wanted to buy those with the highest quality, of course, can be for a higher price. Since I was not such an internet-addict at the time (am a self-confessed internet addict now?), I literally had to drag my Mom to the stores so that we can look for the best buys in town. It was a great bonding moment for us. Besides, it was so much fun choosing the colors and designs that we will have for these bathrooms. Compared to our bedroom furniture hunt, this was more exciting for me. And if you're like me who can stay in the bathroom for hours (although my schedule almost does not permit this), the bathroom for me has to be a place of comfort and relaxation too.

It really helped that there are available choices for single bathroom vanities online now. There you can choose the color, size and model you like. In our case, we had to look for furniture which should match the bathroom floors and wall tiles. The bathroom tile color combinations we came up with were: mocha and celadon green for Francis, blue and white for my husband and I, red and white for my parents and brown (almost the color of brick) and cream for the helpers. With these combinations in mind, we purchased the matching wooden vanities. It all looked great!

So, if you ask me now how I feel about our bathrooms at home, well, I am definitely bathroom-happy!

P.S. Well, of course, being able to clean all four bathrooms is another story. Hahaha!

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