Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Coffee Break Ver. 1.42

I really don't think this is the spookiest ever but I'm writing down here the most recent paranormal story I experienced.

This happened only last Sunday...

My Dad and Ninang (my dad's new wife) were browsing through old photo albums of my deceased aunt from Germany and pictures of the trip to Germany of my deceased Lola. You see, my Ninang never got to meet my Tita and she said she wanted to see how she looked like. So while looking at the pictures, all of a sudden, our tv in the living room opened. I thought I sat on the remote control or something because I was the last one to use the tv. Anyway, the remote was nowhere near anybody because it was there just beside the tv itself. Of course, many may say that maybe the tv was unintentionally put on timer or wake up mode. But no, I don't think so because as I said, it was I who used it last. The scary part was, the tv opened at Channel 6 which was a dead channel (meaning, there's nothing showing there) and it made a very loud zzzzz sound that made us all jump.

Now I wonder if that was my aunt and lola's way of welcoming my Ninang into the family...

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jan celiz-magtoto said...

something similar to that happened to me last summer at mimosa clark during our summer outing. the light turned on naman sa pantry while i was munching on a chocolate bar. it was a bit dark in the pantry but i didn't find the need to switch the light on. an entity might have thought of welcoming me and decided to turn on the pantry light for me.

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