Thursday, October 2, 2008

Coffee Stain

We picked up my sister from the airport last night. She's here for a 3-day seminar (so short a visit!). Anyway, on the way home, we decided to treat her for some to-go Starbucks coffee. She ordered a Caramel Cream Frap while my husband and I ordered hot Caffe Mocha (delicious by the way).

Anyway, since our coffee was for take out, I had to hold my cup while in the car. And clumsy me, while drinking it, some of the coffee spilled on my pink blouse. Tsk. Tsk. When we got home, I immediately looked for my "How To Clean Practically Anything" book and looked up the way to remove the coffee stain.

Here's what I found ---

"For washable clothing, pouring boiling water through the fabric from a height of 12 inches may help."

Of course, you need to remove the blouse first or else - OUCH!!!

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