Monday, October 13, 2008

Do You Recycle At Home?

I am lifting this material from here because I think it is worthwhile to spread the word about recycling. Read on...

General tips for recycling and avoiding rubbish:

1. Buy a smaller rubbish container for the kitchen. This makes you to remember to recycle.
2. Make sure bottles and tins are clean before putting in the recycling bin. This prevents flies both at home and the recycling station.
3. Reorganise the kitchen so it has an efficient recycling area with good sized bins to help with sorting and holding. This will encourage other members of the household to contribute and help share the work instead of it being reliant on one person.
4. Cutting both the tops and the bottoms off tin cans (and placing them inside) and squashing them makes them smaller to fit into the recycling bin.
5. Put a 'no junk mail' sticker on your letter box. You'll be amazed at how much this reduces your rubbish.
6. Spread the word. By telling other people and helping them to get started, we increase the savings that can be made. Also get your children involved – if we can educate them early, they will grow up and appreciate waste reduction and will be able to apply these skills in later life.

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