Monday, October 20, 2008

More on My Christmas List

I made use of the time going to the office to come up with several lists about several things that I needed to remember. These lists are very random and ranges from baby names, dinner ideas, recipes, shopping lists, etc.

Well, I also thought of my Christmas list. This is not necessarily just for myself but for the whole family and some friends. I see the need to really budget our Christmas bonus well so that it does not go to unnecessary purchases just like what has been happening in the past.

Anyway, here's my list:

1. new 14-inch TV for the helpers (our 20-year old TV broke down last week).

2. eyeglasses for me. I have been browsing through the different eyeglasses available at Zenni Optical and I am surprised at how cheap their eyeglasses are compared to the local eyewear stores here. My old pair is already worn out. It has been my pair for a good three years. I also broke the ear tips last month while I was cleaning it. I thought that it could be repaired so I brought it to one of the stores in the mall. They said that I had to order specially-made tips which would probably cost more than a new pair. Actually, when I bought this pair, it would probably be equal to 4 pairs of eyeglasses if I buy at Zenni Optical. The quality that you get is as high plus there are more styles to choose from compared to the local store. It's even found in a Chicago Tribune article (,0,2050256.story) that high quality at a cheap price can be purchased none other than in Zenni Optical. Therefore, getting a new pair at Zenni Optical is surely one of the wise things that I could do this Christmas.

3. a pair of black flats - something that's sturdy, stylish and comfortable

4. a new watch for Hunny. The strap of his sports watch broke the other month and he has no choice but to wear is Swiss watch all the time.

Anyway, the list goes on and on but I think this is all I really want for now. I'm really feeling budget-conscious nowadays.

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