Friday, October 31, 2008

Need Help?

Many people are talking about and are interested in personal finance these days. I wonder if this because a lot of people need serious debt help. As you see and hear in the news now, things in the financial realm are somewhat unpredictable. One day you're up, the next day you're down. Even big banks crumble and file for bankruptcy. Well, that's really an eye-opener for companies and individuals. We really need to place all the safety nets to help prevent incurring high interest rates from credit card and other past due loans.

Here are tips can I share with regard to removing debt from your life:

1. Get debt consolidation help from reliable loan companies.
2. Pay more than the minimum of your credit card bill total.
3. Try snow-balling your credit card repayments.
4. Prioritize credit card payments before cash savings.
5. Get a loan from your Mom and Dad. Hahaha!

Actually, I've broken the bank and gone beyond my budget too many times before. But when I became a parent, I became more budget-conscious and try to be a good money manager. Now, every single day, I resolve to be more controlled in my spending (and it's very hard I tell you). If only all our debts will be paid off tomorrow!

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