Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shopping Last Weekend

Last Sunday, I went around the mall with my husband to check out the sale in the different stores. Since my husband had to go to the barber first for his regular haircut, we went our separate ways right after we got inside the mall. My first stop was the department store. It was still quite early so there were not much people going around yet. Initially, I went to the children's department. I was looking for a toilet adapter seat for Zoe who had just learned how to use the potty. I saw that she preferred to use the real toilet instead of her musical potty and so I thought we needed that toilet adapter seat so that she fits nicely into the hole of the toilet. Good thing, there was still one piece of toiler adapter seat waiting for me. Great! I bought it immediately and then proceeded to the shoe and clothes section. I didn't find anything nice enough there so I went to the household section. After a few minutes, I felt to tired to look for good discounts so I just stepped out of there with just the toilet thingy on hand. I then met with my husband and we went to stroll some more around the mall.

After having lunch and going around for a good thirty minutes or so, we stopped by the Handy Man store. Honestly, I think I can stay there for hours and enjoy myself. I don't think I missed a lane in that store. We went to check out the locks, the plastic mats, door knobs, plant seeds, decorative tiles, hangers, character stickers, glass frames, and many more. They also have a variety of discount steam showers but I didn't bother looking because I know that there are cheaper ones for sale which I can find at Unlimited Showers. Speaking of Unlimited Showers, they offer both affordable and high-end showers. You see, I have been browsing through their online shower store for the past days now because I am currently on the look out for great shower deals. You see our bathroom at the smaller house needs some renovation and I think that a sliding door shower enclosure would be perfect to improve its current state and appearance. Now I'm aching to buy shower enclosures online.

Anyway, when we got home from the mall, I opened my computer and went to do some more online shower shopping. Do you think I'll ever get tired of shopping?

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