Thursday, November 6, 2008

Example of Paying It Forward

If you are interested in taking a career in real estate investment, you may very well have encountered the name of Jim Piccolo. Well, he is currently the CEO of Nouveau Riche University. I learned that he started this learning institution in the year 2002, offering students and potential real estate brokers a great career in real estate.

I have a friend you got interested in the vision of Jim Piccolo and she told me that Jim Piccolo has been trying to make good innovations in various industries. On top of that, he has started a foundation named after his father that is there to cater to the needs of children and teens, among others. I guess this is his way of giving back to society because he has received a lot of blessings and monetary success through his different innovative businesses.

In relation to paying back, I am pleased that nouveau riche people who have earned their status through hard word and creativity are now learning to give back to the people in a sort of "pay it forward" view of life. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all rich CEOs and head of big companies follow this great trend of living charity?

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