Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gift Ideas

It's almost Christmas and I'm not yet done with my gift shopping and wrapping. I always hate it when I procrastinate. But it seems this year that work has been busier and I just have to make time to be able to do everything before December 25. So far, I am done with most of the gifts for my lady relatives, friends and colleagues. What I find problematic now is what I should give to my male friends, my dad and husband.

For women, I always go to the safe side. It's just a choice from several basic gifts such as bags, soap, lotion, cologne, body wash, t-shirts, etc. That's already done with because I already got myself around 35+ gifts for friends, cousins, and officemates. I also am done buying for couple friends whom we usually meet during the Christmas season. But for the men, that is the question. I only tend to stick to the usual gifts such as t-shirts, towels and pens. And for lack of ideas, there was a year I even gave away a diverse selection from shaving gel to mini-oranges. Obviously, I can get (regrettably) crazy with doing last minute choices.

Anyway, to be more positive about it, I guess it's easier to find gifts for male friends. What is much harder is finding a gift from my husband. For the many years we have been together, I have already given him a lot of nice gifts. Only last October, I gave him a sports shirt for our 3rd anniversary. So I guess giving another shirt is not one of my main options. Good thing, I saw these Tactical Pants online today and thought that this might be a great gift idea. I know that my husband is into dressing up with style and buying him this kind of pants would be perfect for his personality. What do you think?

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