Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Is the Real Estate Business For You?

Way back in college (I was studying Economics), I got to meet these group of people in a school-sponsored university job fair, who were encouraging us to apply in their company and work as a real estate marketing professional and be Nouveau Riche. Because I know myself as someone who is generally shy around people, I shrugged off the idea then and concentrated on finding and applying for less-interactive type of jobs that maybe would only require analytical skills but not talent in sales. This was my personal case. However, for some of my schoolmates, the challenge of taking up a career in real estate selling and learning through the Nouveau Riche way was very attractive to them. Anyway, I'm glad for them because I think you need guts and a killer-instinct to be successful in selling real estate, or anything for that matter.

Now, after several years of working already, I sometimes get to see some of my college friends and witness that some have indeed been successful in being involved in Nouveau Riche. Well, as for me, I stay content with what I have because I know that God has put me here in my current state and place of work for a good purpose.

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