Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nouveau Riche

My husband and I watch the show Jeopardy almost every night. More often than not, we sort of compete on who knows more answers than the other. My husband often gets it right when it comes to history, old movies and sports. I, on the other hand, like answering to literature and music-related categories.

Incidentally in one episode, one of the responses' clue tells of a French term that literally means new money or new rich but now also depicts a person who has acquired a considerable amount of wealth in his lifetime (meaning getting rich not through any sort of inheritance or something like that). The correct response, of course, is "nouveau riche" or as they say in Jeopardy - "what is nouveau riche?" I was pretty happy that I blurted out the correct response, that is, to the amazement of my husband.

Speaking of this, I learned through the internet that there is such thing as a Nouveau Riche University wherein people can actually learn the ins and outs of investing on real estate and possibly making big business resulting to big money. For many people who are looking for a good career choice, getting into a Nouveau Riche University may be the answer to their anxious search for a better pay or better life. The Nouveau Riche University offers various real estate investment trainings that can possibly lead you to a 'nouveau riche' life in the future. Interesting, huh?

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