Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Want the Thin Me Back

Hello everyone! My family and I just came back from a three-day vacation from the City of Pines. Thank God for three-day weekends!

Well, among the new places we visited were the outlet shops in Mile High inside Camp John Hay. It was great to discover these stores in the middle of a mountain! There I got to buy stuff for my husband, Zoe and Cat. Sadly, I couldn't find anything for myself. I looked at all the goods but nothing fits! There I realized that it's hard being fat. I made a quick resolution to start exercising again and eating less again lest I pay for a plastic surgery to trim my flabs in my stomach, legs and arms. On a side note, I honestly have been feeling so fat the past few weeks. And although I am still able to do most of what I used to do, I think my body is already close to being a case for Los Angeles cosmetic surgery. Sometimes, I feel that nobody can help me but a Los Angeles plastic surgeon. You see, I am used to be being thin. I was thin my whole life until I became pregnant. All throughout my childhood and teenage years, I was skinny. So I know how it feels to be thin. I was never really conscious of my weight until I had to lose a couple of pounds before I got married in order to fit in my wedding gown. But after giving birth and when I look at myself in the mirror, I'm not the same thin girl I used to be. I'm the same person (same personality, same spirit) but 20+ pounds overweight and this bears me down. I think this condition stemmed not just from my pregnancy but also from my inactive lifestyle, my eating habits and the stresses of my current job. And so until I take a concrete step in getting fit again, I'll have to rely on a miracle to do the job for me.

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