Monday, December 8, 2008

Pepper Lunch-ing

For months now, we have been curious about Pepper Lunch. We often pass by this resto in Powerplant Mall but often choose not to eat there because of the perennial long lines. Anyway, Fr. Jim A. mentioned during my seminar three weeks ago that he was the one who blessed the place. Maybe that's the cause of the perennial lines. Hahaha.

So one time, when we had to do some last-minute grocery shopping at Rustan's, we decided to cut the curiosity and finally eat at Pepper Lunch.

As a sort of rite of passage, my husband burnt his tongue while trying out his beef dish. Plus, I found the place so noisy! The people where chit-chating like the place was a canteen. Hubby was also sweating like crazy towards the end of the meal. It was hot in the area where we sat, I don't know why. Hahaha. But apart from all that, we have no other complaints. Experience-wise, good. Food-wise, great!

Let me share some (blurry) pics:

Looking forward to eating there again soon!

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