Monday, January 26, 2009


Since I am in the early stages of my second pregnancy, I've stayed away from dusty places, perfume, mouth rinse, scented soaps, garlic, and other strong smelling-stuff. I avoid all these to prevent my stomach from getting sick and from probable allergies which I had experienced the last time. Due to this pregnancy too, I've stayed away from my disorderly closet, book shelves, shoe cabinet, Zoe's toys... in a word, from organizing. I prefer getting some sleep on weekend mid-mornings and resting in the bedroom. This baby is now more important than those stacks of clothes waiting to be put away, those envelope-full of papers and receipts needed to be filed, those toys waiting for me to organize. They would all have to wait when I am again able, strong and okay. Until then, the house will continue to function (with the help of my family of course). Thank God for a "masipag" husband and reliable house-help!

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