Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Career Plans

It's already almost nine o'clock in the evening now and I'm still here in the office trying to finish some tasks and overdue reports. Honestly, I feel so tired already. Not to mention my present condition now (I'm eight weeks pregnant, you see), anyone in my shoes right now would have packed her bag and rushed home to either to take care of her family or get that much needed dinner and rest. But yeah, it always seems that I have no other choice but to finish my work even if there is still tomorrow. I have an over-due report since last week which I need to submit to one of our big bosses. On the side, I think, "Who's not a big boss in this office, anyway? Why do they get my priorities crooked all the time?!" My boss and her family own the whole company (which is worth billions of dollars), so it's no joke to working here in this office.

Many times, I wonder within myself if I should finally quit my present job, take up a PhD and start a career in teaching in the university. Way back in college, our teacher in Business asked us to do a Custom Essay about our plans 20 years from that time (we were more or less 20 years old). It was a tough assignment that I even considered getting an Essay Writing Service. But no, this was too personal a paper to depend on a 3rd party to do it for me.

I still clearly remember what I wrote in that particular paper. I said that at around 40 years old, after 20 years or so of successfully working in a big institution such as a bank, after studying and finishing a Masters degree in Business, get married to the man of my dreams, have good, intelligent and wonderful children and raise a happy family, I would be glad to avail of an early retirement and start to a new career as a professor in the academe. Yes, everything in that paper seems to be coming true except for the last part. I said that I wanted to go back to the academe and give back to the students what I have learned all those years in corporate life. I would probably teach business administration or something of that sort. I can also probably aim to get a Doctorate degree if my time, family, health and my finances permit. I would love to drown myself in Dissertation Writing for a couple of years. That would be a lovely time! But it's all just plans for now. Besides, it's still around 8 years until my 'deadline'. And even before I start daydreaming for that glorious day to come, I still have a reality to face and a deadline to meet. Until then, I hope to find a few minutes soon to blog again and air out my dreams and wishes.

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