Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

Before anything else, House Everything would like to greet you a very Happy New Year! I know I've lagged behind in my blogging for the past few days. Sorry dears! I'll just try my best to make up despite the bad internet connection at home.

The past week has been so busy. We had lots and lots of partying, cooking, shopping, cleaning and organizing going around at home. With one more day left in our vacation (which lasted a good 11 days, by the way), it is still far from over. We will still be going out of town tomorrow for a party with friends in Westgrove. Plus (here's the big thing), there will be another taping inside our house tomorrow. Yup, we have again agreed to rent out our house to the tv producers of Count Your Blessings for another shooting for one of their future episodes. We heard that Coco Martin and a Viva Hot Babe girl will be part of the main cast. Too bad we will only get a short glimpse of them since we are leaving right after lunch.

Anyway, although I'm glad to get extra money from this venture, I'm also a bit worried because I know that the tv crew will be moving around much of our furniture. I really hope they don't add more damage to our pitiful-looking living room furniture that is already old. If only we could buy a new living room set soon. We actually found some fantastic designs online that matches our mocha-colored walls and we're looking forward to checking it soon. This will definitely be one of our top TO-BUY things for the house this 2009.

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