Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Planning Ahead

I just realized now that by the time I give birth this year, it will be just a few weeks away from Halloween. Well, it's never too early to plan, right? I would probably be too busy by then to buy a costume for Zoe and for little one. So today, I looked through the internet for nice Halloween costumes for the kids. I definitely want them to look cutesy and huggable! Maybe the whole family could even go in coordinating outfits like a set of Caveman costume like a Tarzan and Jane outfit or something like a his and hers costume for the kids (if our second baby would be a boy).

I looked through a collection of nice stuff for babies and found these really nice items for baby#2. If the baby will be a boy (here's just some wishful thinking on my part), I would love to buy this bell pepper bunting or this baseball outfit. I'm pretty sure my husband would like to see his infant son inside a nice baseball jersey for babies since my husband is very much a baseball fan himself. I could just imagine father and son donning matching baseball outfits during the annual Halloween party in our village. That would be such a cute sight to watch!

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