Sunday, February 1, 2009

Friday Night Insights

I was working overtime again last Friday. So after a long and tiring day, my husband tried to cheer me up a bit by inviting me to go out with him for dinner. Friday night traffic led us to Metrowalk in the Ortigas area. It was already 10 p.m. when we reached the place. Parking was, as usual, difficult to find so by the time we sat ourselves in a restaurant, I was famished.

Since we were at the second floor, we had a great view of the very crowded area downstairs just outside of the different restaurants. The place was jam-packed and it seemed as if the people were not feeling the economic crunch because there were hundreds of young people at that time spending away on food, booze and cigarettes. We both agreed that maybe most of these young people were either from call centers or the telecommunication industry. Considering how hard the times are now, only the Nouveau Riche from these industries can now afford to "waste" money on fun, gimmick and entertainment.

As we ate, we were fascinated to see more and more Nouveau Riche people come in from everywhere. This led my husband and I to say to each other that maybe we should start looking and venturing into business for us to reach the same level of being Nouveau Riche. That will happen when the right time comes, I told him. Meantime, we were contented with just having dinner and having some time together as a couple. That will be good enough for us for now.

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