Thursday, February 5, 2009

Friend's Getting Married

A friend of mine is getting married soon. She happily announced her engagement last year and is now on the final stages of the wedding preparations. I was impressed to hear about her love story. You see, she told us that she met her boyfriend cum husband-to-be online. It was through something like Catholic Chat City. The guy is half-German, half-Filipino and is currently living at the opposite side of the world. They have seen each other in person a few times but the bulk of their "dating" was through the internet. And now that they are engaged and preparing to be married, I guess they see each other and keep in touch more often during the day, that is, with the help of the internet still. So I guess the internet must be really something. It can bring couples and families together even if they are physically distant from each other. I'm glad it helped my friend to find her match. I really wish her the best and hope they have a blissful married life together.

Here is our picture together taken during my own wedding last October 2005. We were classmates at that time in the course of studies and she was a big help by pitching in to be my instant mass commentator (at one day's notice) during the wedding mass. During that time, she was still searching for the right guy to come. And now, Mr. Right is here.

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nolin26 said...

That's such good news! I'm sure this is not the same guy you met through online. I remember that guy to be pure Caucasian.

Vina said...

hi! yes, this is a different guy na. this one is half-Filipino :-) his father is pinoy while the mother is german.

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