Thursday, February 26, 2009

Going Contemporary...

I asked my husband one time a question. If he had a chance to re-do our bedroom, how does he he want to change it and what style would he want it? His answer plain and simple. He said, "Go contemporary."

True enough, our bedroom is too traditional and too boring. It has wooden closets, a wooden bed, wooden side tables and a wooden t.v. rack. Thinking about it, I somehow tend to agree with my husband. All that wood actually makes the room look old, boring and outdated. What is needs really is a breath of contemporary furniture to give it that x-factor and modern look.

If you are dreaming too of having a contemporary look for your rooms, the online site of provides a variety of beautiful modern furniture. You can choose a beautiful bedroom set that is made up of a combination of black furniture and glass furniture. You can also readily purchase online those black sideboards that go with your modern bed. There are also attractive black dining tables and glass tables that can give that great look for your dining room. And for your living room, you can get a sofa similar to this classic Italian sofa bed (picture below) that spells contemporary.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Ooh this is fabulous! Cool collection of Modern Sofa Beds.

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