Thursday, February 26, 2009

Got a Tattoo?

Tattoo Chat City is the latest web chat room you can go to if you are interested in tattoos and finding and talking to other people who have them or are interested in them as well. It's so easy to join and there are no required registration fees. There you can share unique tattoo design ideas and the best places to get them. I know for a fact that some people can't enough of them. They simply have to have one tattoo after another. It's also considered as a form of art and nobody can stop them from getting one.

My opinion of tattoos was actually changed drastically when I saw the TV series Prison Break wherein Wentworth Miller portrayed a guy who had tattoos done all over his body. He looked cute still even with all that "drawing" on his skin. Another person who has a tattoo that caught my attention is Angelina Jolie. During the last Academy Awards, while wearing a beautiful Elie Saab black gown with matching emerald drop earrings (ooooh, I love those emeralds!), she sported in her left bicep a tattoo which indicated the latitude and longitude of the places where her children where born. I think it's cool and quite unique! So, to tattoo-lovers out there, who are your favorite celebrities with tattoos? Discuss it in Tattoo Chat City to find out more!

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