Monday, February 9, 2009

House Projects

Just recently, my husband and I have been talking about having some small house projects to beautify our home. First on the list is to be able to install a mailbox infront of our house. As crazy as it may sound, we still have been foregoing having a mailbox for the house. Because of this, our mail often comes crumpled or the mailman still buzzes the house just to hand the mail. I have already looked at some samples of mailboxes and a variety of whitehall products and so I'm ready to make up my mind on what type of mailbox we're likely to buy.

Next on the list is to buy some address plaques or custom-made house numbers for maybe our house and my Dad's house. Why? I've always envied the address plaque installed in my sister's house in Iloilo. It actually makes their house look so grand and presentable.

Last on the list of house projects is the installation of additional bookshelves for the growing book collection of Zoe. Soon, there will be another addition to the family and that means we need more space to store all the baby and school stuff for the two kids.

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