Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm So Stressed

Yeah, that's what I kept saying to myself ever since I got off from the car today to get to work.

My husband dropped me off in the MRT station near his office today. It was color-coding day so I had no choice but to commute. I proceeded to the elevator and find that the line going up is long, so I decided to take the three plights of stairs in order to get to the south-bound side. When I reached the tracks, I find dozens of people waiting for the train to come. When the train finally comes, the door opens but no one could get it. So we waited again for another train, then another, then another. After 20 minutes or so and after around 8-9 trains, still nobody could squeeze inside the train because it was just so full. Then finally after 30 minutes of waiting, a relatively-filled train comes and people push each other to get inside. I got a "little" smashed as I tried to get it. In fact, the paper bag that I was carrying was almost half-torned from the pressure from the other people around.

Finally, I got inside the train and find myself palpitating and catching my breath. Every time the train door opens in a station, you can feel the people push you in frantic motions. It was crazy.

When I finally reached my stop, I knew that I was already late for work so I tried not to hurry anymore. Outside of the station, still I find hundreds of people in line for the FX and the jeep so I decided that it would be better to walk going to the office than wait in line again. When I started walking, I could feel my tummy tighten and my back ache. I am almost 9 weeks pregnant, after all. And as if in a drama show, my tears started to fall. I suddenly felt pity for myself.

This is what all these stresses can do. Mind you, I always considered myself strong and street-smart. I've raced jeepneys before just to get a ride to school. I've tried walking from our house to Antipolo. I've been bullied by classmates in elementary and been through the toughest days in college. I've experienced more than a dozen floods inside and outside our house. But this is different. Today, I wanted to give up and go back home.

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Jean Marie said...

hay naku, kawawa ka naman. ako din siguro maiiyak if maranasan ko ganyan since i'm iyakin talaga nut you're preggy naman, so you're excused. My mom said full of emotions talaga pag buntis daw.

Vina said...

talagang nakakaiyak jean. thanks for emphatizing with me. :-)

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