Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Payday Today

It's payday today and I'm glad. This time, I'm planning out our expense sheet with more caution. I actually went on a shopping adventure last weekend and now am making up for that extraordinary spending. Good thing, we need not get a fast cash loan this time. But as for resolutions, I'm definitely making our menu plan using simpler and cheaper but healthier ingredients and I'm setting aside half of the money in Zoe's in-trust-for savings account and saving it for her tuition fee in case we decided to enroll her in time for classes in June so we need not scramble for money when that time comes.

Anyway, these times are really hard. We really need to save up and tighten our belts. As our company president said, "The past year of 2008 is a landmark year for the global financial markets and for the world. After decades of uncontrolled growth, banks, consumers and even entire governments finally paid the price for excessive risk taking." So now many things happening: people getting laid off, employees getting cash advance because their salaries are not enough, companies closing and profits getting slimmer. We have no reason to be spending excessively and throwing money out of the window. It's a bad situation and we got to face it head-on.

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