Sunday, February 8, 2009

Seeing Rome Again

During one of our conversations in the car, I blurted out to my husband my longing to travel and visit Rome again. I told him that I am hoping that we can save up soon so we can plan out a Europe vacation by next year. I told him that maybe we could afford the trip if we save hard enough. Besides, we can always just rent one of those Rome apartments and avail of cheap travel insurance from a mutuelle to cut our costs. And if we get a good deal at Hotel Paris, we may even extend the trip to accommodate a short side trip to France.

I still remember the last time I traveled to Europe so many years ago. It was a great experience! Thus, seeing Rome once again is something that I long for in my heart. For me, the city of Rome is like no other and I would like to be back there again.

My plan is like this - if we would have enough travel money in the future, I would bring my family with me to see the sights in Rome and take the same route that I took before. With my husband and kids, we would go to Vatican City to see “Peter”, chase some friendly doves and eat gelato in the middle of St. Peter’s Square. We would spend the whole morning adventuring inside the Vatican Museums and wonder at the great art works of Michaelangelo, Raphael and other masters. We would make a pilgrimage to the major basilicas in Rome, visit the Colosseum and bask ourselves with the rich religious art found in every corner of the city. I could also see ourselves tossing some coins and making our wishes at the Fontana Trevi. And while eating Baci chocolates, munching on original Italian pizza and trying out some genuine leather shoes along the way, we would walk going to the famous Spanish Steps and just sit down there to enjoy the sight. We would also enter the hidden but beautiful piazzas and have our family portrait taken by the side-street artists of the city. Those would definitely be wonderful moments!

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