Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pregnancy Fashion

With the buttons of my regular clothes already popping due to my bulging tummy, I decided to bring out all my maternity clothes for sorting last Saturday...

And boy, I had a super hard time. First off, bringing them out got so tired already. Hahaha. Then, I've been thinking if all these clothes are still 'in' by today's fashion standards. I have a feeling that during my first pregnancy, I never really cared about how I looked like or about what other people will say. Now, I feel that my maternity clothes are yucky and out-of-date. Anyway, I am hoping that this time, I could still look a bit presentable even if I'm huge and preggy. Being pregnant is no excuse to be looking sloppy. So, do I have an excuse to go shopping?! I hope my bonus will be big enough to let me spend on some nice new clothes (wishful thinking!).

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