Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Zoe Talks

I am just fascinated how Zoe is learning to converse and how she is absorbing things and ideas.

For example, we were quizzing Zoe the other day about the basics. I asked her what is your name and she answers "Zara -iolet -ineda". Then I ask her also about how old she is and she answers "two!!!" Then I ask her again what her name is and she quickly answers "Zara -iolet -ineda......two!!!" Hahaha! Looks as if Zoe is advanced in speech...literally!

Another time, I would ask a series of questions about the family. First would be to ask her the name of her Dad. She readily and confidently answers "Txxg". Then I ask her the name of her Mom and she would shout "Bakes!!!" Ha!? Where did that come from? Maybe she was trying to say "Bxxxs" which is my nickname but got it a little wrong in the other consonant (I don't mind sweetheart!).

In another instance, we would tell her quite blantly that she's going to be a big sister soon. And so I would ask her where the baby is. She would point at herself and tell me "Baby, me, Zara!" Hmm, do you think she's ready to be a big sister? I hope she will be, in time.

Anyway, I will leave with that. I still have to click a few sites to get some car insurance quotes for my husband. Have a great day!

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