Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Zoe's New Playroom Set-up

I was able to organize some of Zoe's stuff this week...the end result: a new playroom cum study room set-up.

This new set-up leaves more available space for playing and running around in the attic. :-)

Putting Zoe's pic as a small detail:

Her magic sketcher on top of the study table for easy access:

For my next project, I'm planning to finally buy Zoe her very own bed. I think she's ready to move out of the crib. :-) Besides, baby#2 is going to be taking over that crib by the end of the year!

2 shared their thoughts:

Chris said...

yehey... :) way to go mommy.. nice set up!

and yes, sanayin na si zoe darating na si baby eh...

Vina P said...

thanks chris!

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