Monday, March 9, 2009

Bad Effects of Drug Use

We have seen and read countless stories on celebrities who somehow lose their way and end up getting hooked in different kinds of vices and drugs. There are so many documented deaths of celebrities that came as a result of drug overdose or the effects of continuous drug abuse through the years. It's a sad reality that society is facing nowadays. And we all know that it doesn't just involve celebrities but regular people (non-celebrities) as well. We actually don't have to look far because maybe in our very street or in our very own homes, there are people who are getting into different forms of abuse either from drugs or from alcohol. We should not close our eyes to reality. What we should do is to try to help them get over this dependency and help them get proper treatment in a drug rehab.

I believe that "drugs are bad for men" rather than the notion that "bad men do drugs". A dose of prevention from drug use is so much easier and more effective that the curing from drug abuse or drug detoxification. Because when it comes to helping a person who already much into drugs, we need a special intervention in order to do it right. We all know that to help out a friend or a family member from overcoming a dependency over drug use needs vital care and utmost compassion. In plain words, it's a very difficult task.

History shows us that dependency on illegal drugs causes numerous health problems including death. It can also be a trigger to more social problems later in life. This includes dropping out of school, getting involved in criminal acts, maybe becoming pregnant as a teenager, and many more. Those effects alone should stir us up to help prevent drug abuse. If we don't act now, we might be just losing that person little by little.

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