Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Need New Cabinets

Having re-arranged my daughter's things and putting them in the corner of the attic space, I realized that I need to either buy new cabinets or have a carpenter customize a cabinet for all that stuff. Those plastic containers don't seem to work anymore...

What an eyesore! I hope to find the solution real soon!

2 shared their thoughts:

PM said...

we recently had our bodega fixed and we had shelves made. the plastic containers are now arranged all on those shelves. maybe you can do that also. or you can buy those ready made shelves (yung stainless.

Vina P said...

hi pat! isa pang yang bodega na yan. our bodega is located at the lower level of the house and is prone to baha during the rainy days. all i could keep there are my dad's carpentry tools and other old machines and car parts.

i'll try to look around this weekend for those stainless cabinets you are talking about. thanks!!!

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