Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lenten Suggestions

With the ongoing season of Lent in the Catholic Liturgical Year, we should try to slow down and start thinking of ways to fulfill the Lenten acts to do prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

On the top of my head, here is a quick list of some Lenten sacrifices (the level of difficulty is always relative) which we can offer up this season:

1. Cut down on TV or better, give up TV altogether until Easter.
2. Try not to take afternoon snacks on certain days of the week.
3. Avoid the mega-sales and midnight madness in the malls this month.
4. Talk to one or two friends about God each day.
5. Don't complain - about the weather, the traffic or your boss.
6. Wash the dishes instead of delegating it to the helpers.
7. Pray the rosary on your way to work.
8. Find time to visit the Blessed Sacrament daily to say 'hi!' to Jesus who is perpetually present there.
9. Donate some clothes, housewares or food to the recent fire victims in San Andres, Manila.
10. Watch your words! Be extra nice to the people around you.

I hope you'll be able to get some ideas from here. :-)

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