Sunday, March 1, 2009

New in the Web

As an avid blogger about several topics of general interest, I have discovered this new type of website and web application that are called blog aggregators or otherwise known as community aggregators. This new web function is like a portal that compiles different blogs or websites of like-interest and compounds them in one aggregator. With a community aggregator, people can now view and browse similar or blogs with related topics and be able to access them in a much easier way.

In case you are interested in knowing more about this new tool, you can browse the site of In that particular site, you are able to find other blogs or websites that can of the same interest as your blog topic and then you can register your site and be part of that aggregator. In case you do not find an aggregator that fits your overall blog topic or title, what's good about the community aggregator is that you can freely make your own unique aggregator. Sounds cool, right?

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